Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Temporary Ah-SAHM

My parents has gone for a 8 days holiday in China. So Mami has to take leave to take care of Yiyi.

We decided to get Mami and Yiyi back to Mami's hometown, because of a few reasons. One, she has someone to accompany her, her mom, siblings, nephews and nieces, and relatives. Two, she doesn't need to worry about cooking and doing house chores, just lepak only lar. And three, they have a maid. So she can help look after Yiyi also.

But yesterday when I called her, this is what she told me..

Papi : So how's your day?

Mami : Aiyo, very tiring lar, not enough sleep some more.

Papi : Yiyi very naughty ah?

Mami : No lar, she's quite ok.

Papi : Then?

Mami : It's my niece, Wei Wei. (Wei Wei is 3 months older than Yiyi and far bigger size than Yiyi)

Papi : Huh?

Mami : Wei Wei a bit kaki buli wan. If no one's looking, she will push Yiyi and even beat her.

Papi : Really? Ask Yiyi to fight back lar.

Mami : Yiyi so small size. When pushed, she almost fell down already.

Papi : Aiyo..

Mami : Just now, Yiyi playing with her ball and then Wei Wei came and took the ball away.

Papi : Then Yiyi cried or not?

Mami : No lor, she just stand there looking at Wei Wei, then looked at me saying "Mami..Mami..Ball".

It turned out that Mami is more tied up looking after Wei Wei.

Hang in there, Mami. Another 2 days, and we are off to Singapore!

SAHM - Stay At Home Mother.