Tuesday, April 05, 2005

18 Months

Yiyi's 18 months old today. That's 1 and half years. So how is she progressing?


She can sing. Some chinese and english songs and nursery rhymes. She can even compose her own songs that no one understand. Creative eh?

She can walk now. Yup, she's a slow starter, and only began to walk 2 months ago. And sometime, if you are not looking, she can even jump!

She can almost recite all the alphabets with the correspoding words in her little ABC book. A - Aligator, B - Burger, C - Carrot, D - Duck ... all the way to Z - Zip, missing only K - Kettle.

She can count from 1 - 10. But I don't think she understands the meaning of numbers. We are working on it. :)

She can dance. If she hears a tune or a music that catches her attention, and when she wanted to attract our attention, she would dance. Holding her hand high up in the air, she twists her body from left to right and vice versa. Het butt would be swinging, and her legs kicking.

She remembers some habit of the family members. For example, whenever her grandpa comes home from work and sits on his chair, she would go grab the newspaper and give it to him, yeling "Pou Chi! Pou Chi!". That's newspaper in Cantonese. Or whenever I reach for my bag and wallet, she would wave bye-bye to me.

She now has 12 teeth. 6 on top, 6 bottom. :)

A couple of days back, we brought her to the clinic for flu. At the weighing machine, I remarked at Mami, "Mami, I think they will need a different weighing machine. This one only max 10kg.". We have not been weighing her, but she have been growing well, her appertite has increase, and her food and formula milk intake have been quite good. And she has become heavier, maybe around 12kg.

"9kg!" the nurse announced. We were shocked!
"I thought she already passed 10 kg, maybe around 12 kg." Mami said.

But when we were briefed by the doctor, we were relieved. Apparently, her weight is still within the range and it's following the graph nicely. She gained about 1kg in about 3 months.

"Aiya! Don't worry lar!" one of my aunt said.
"Girls are like that one. You see your cousin ah, last time also like that. In Primary school, she was the smallest. After going to secondary school ah, she grew and became the tallest!" she explained.

Anyhow, as long as she's healthy, we are happy. :)

Will be uploading her photos tomorrow...stay tuned!