Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Making Money With Your Digital Photos

I always wonder whether I can sell those photos that are occupying large amount of spaces on my hard drive. You know, make some money, rather than let it 'sitting there, collecting dust'.

Now I can. :)

A forumer of mentioned ShutterStock in one of the thread. I went to check it out and signed up immediately.

Registration is free. You upload your photos to ShutterStock, and people who are interested in your photos will download it with a fee. They normally use it for commercial purposes like brochures, ads, pamphlets etc. ShutterStock pays you US$ 0.20 per unique photo download. Minimum payout US$75.00. They can either send you a cheque or through PayPal. The great thing is the photos' copyright still belongs to you. ShutterStock is merely selling it.

Check it out, click here. That will include me as your referer. ;)

Anyone has any experience with these stock photographies before? Maybe you can share your experience here. :)

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