Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cloths or Fish

It was back in college days, a group of us went out for dinner. So we, the boys, invited a group of girls, to join us for dinner and 'jalan-jalan' after that. Mami was there too. As you might have known, back then they used to tease me with Mami.

When we were about to move out, everyone refused to get into my car. And they forced Mami to follow my car. So both of us got into my car, alone. As a gentleman that I am *ahem*, I tried to strike up a conversation, in Mandarin. FYI, I was a lousy Mandarin speaker. Still am.

Papi : He he he ... so where are we going?

Mami : Err... *blush* don't know leh, follow them lor....he hehe


Papi : So.....where is your hometown?

Mami : I am from Melaka.

Papi : Oh, which part? (As if I know Malacca very well)

Mami : Masjid Tanah.

Papi : Your parents are there?

Mami : Yeah. (she must be thinking, "what a stupid question?")

Papi : What do they do for a living? (Interogate kah??)

Mami : They sell 'yu'.

What I heard was 'yi', as in cloths or shirts. So I said ...

Papi : Wah, then you must have a lot of cloths to wear!

Mami : err...yeah!

Papi : Where is their shop? In a shopping complex?

Mami : No. In pasar lar! (Pasar = wet market).

Papi : Hmmm...ok.

Well, I have seen people selling cloths in wet market. No problem, what.

Fast forward a few years, when we were already going steady, I asked her again.

Papi : You know, remember last time I asked you about what your family do for a living?

Mami : Yeah?

Papi : I am puzzled. Your parents actually sell fish (fishmonger), but you tell me they are selling cloths?

Mami : I said selling 'yu' what? selling fish lar. ('fish' and 'cloth' have almost the same sound in Mandarin: 'yu' and 'yi')

Papi : I thought I heard 'cloths'. That's why I then said that you must have a lot of cloths to wear. Ha haha... But you answered Yes. ha haha...

Mami : Actually, at that time, I have no idea what you are talking about. I thought you are crazy or something. But I said Yes just to entertain you lar....he he he...

Papi : I think you are just mesmerised with my handsome-ness lar. That's why u said yes. ha ha ha ...

This story never fail to crack us up. :)