Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wrong Number

I usually got many "wrong number" phone calls to my mobile. One of the reason is because there is a property agent who has a similar phone number as mine. I knew about this when I decided to find out why people kept calling me and asking me about that apartment somewhere in Sungai Buloh.

But last week, I got a weird phone call from a number I don't know.

Papi : Hello?

Stranger : Hello...Papi ah? (Actually he didn't called me Papi, he called me by my name lar)

Papi : Yes?

Stranger : Hey!! I'm Wan lar!

Papi : Wan?? eerrr...

At this point, I was trying hard to put a face to this caller. One by one, all my malay friends (assuming he's a malay, by his name) flashed through my mind. At the same time, trying not to be rude, I tried to find out who he was.

Papi : are from ABC, aren't you?

Wan : ABC? lar...

Papi : Then...errr... Sorry, I don't recall lar.

Wan : Aiya! I am Wan lar! Wan from Honda!

Papi : Wan from Honda??

This was getting weirder. I don't know any "Wan" from Honda. In fact, I don't know anyone from Honda. I don't even own a Honda. But then at this point, I think "Wan" sensed something was wrong.

Wan : Eh? I think I got the wrong number. Are you Papi from XYZ?

Papi : No. I am Papi but I am not from XYZ.

Wan : Ooops...Sorry...hehehe...

So this guy tried to call his friend, which apparently has the same name as mine, and coincidentally called my mobile number instead. What's the probability of that?