Monday, May 09, 2005

What Happened....

We went home early after work around 5pm. Reached home around 5.30pm. Nothing unusual at first. Our auto-gate was working, no sign of break-in from outside. The front door was locked, the windows were shut.

As I was opening the front door grill, I noticed there were some dust and sand on the floor near my side window. I remember asking Mami, "Hey, what is this?"

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At that point of time, I looked up at the ceiling, thinking some rodents must have gone up to my front porch ceiling. Then it struck me! Something's wrong. I looked at the window pane. It was slightly open. Immediately I saw the dent. We have been robbed....

I yelled at Mami, telling her our house has been broken into. Mami was shocked. I tried to look into our house, and saw the mess in the living room. Then I realised, the burglar could still be inside. At this point, we have yet to open the front door, it was still locked. I went behind the house, visually examining the side of the house, the side sliding door, the kitchen windows, the back door. Then I got myself a broom stick. Armed with the broom stick, I unlocked the front door, and asked Mami to remain outside. I went in.

It was not as messy as I had expected. They had only ransacked my stair cabinet, where I kept some cash (and foreign currency as well), my Sony videocam, and my gold chain (of more than 15 years .. sob...sob). They left my TV, my DVD player, and my PS1 untouched. I guess they were going for smaller items. They also went in to my store room, but nothing was taken. My kitchen and my back store room was untouched.

Then I went upstair. My second and third room are empty. Nonetheless, I went in to make sure it's safe. Then I got into our master bedroom. All our cloths, cabinets and drawers were ransacked. After making sure, it's safe and they have left. I asked Mami to call my dad.

Trying not to touch anything, we tried to figure out what has been taken. Mami's collection of empty angpow packets were all ripped. Some of our jewellery were all taken, including the engagement diamond ring I gave to Mami *sigh..*. Lucky for us, the bulk of it was not at home, as we are keeping it somewhere safe. Our VCD player was also taken, as my Ralph Laurent perfume and Mami's Happy and Allure. Mami's Europe coin collections were also taken.

To be continued....