Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What Happened....part 2

After doing a rough estimate of how much were lost and identifying the items that were taken, I went to the police station to make a report. I also managed to snap some photos for memory sake.. hehehe...

At the police station, the young constable helped me to file a report. After telling him what happened, he wrote the report for me and then contacted the patrol team to check it out. A moment later, Mami called me on my mobile, telling me a group of policemen on kapcai were there to just 'have a look'. I supposed they just want to make sure the crime scene is safe.

While at the police station, the constable was having a hard time trying to locate the investigating officer on duty that night. Apparently, the phone number that he had was wrong. But after a few phone calls, he managed to get hold of inspector from a nearby area. He asked to spoke to me personally, trying to get some information from me. But he was engaged in another case, so he promised to come as soon as he finished. He also sent a photographer to get some pictures of the crime scene.

The photographer, turned out to be the CSI....hehehe... He came with a SLR camera, and some tools, which later, I found out to be finger print dusting tools. I brought him around the house to take pictures. He asked me a few questions, and I showed him some places where I think the burglar could have left their prints. Most of the marks made by the burglars didn't turned up well in the finger print dusting. According to the 'CSI', the best is smooth, slippery surface. After an hour or so, he left.

The inspector came around 9pm. He went about checking the house, making sketches of the house plan. He then asked me a few questions and proceed to write another report. Mami had a conversation with his colleague who was checking out the broken window. Apparently the burglars nowadays are more and more daring. In one case, the burglars even had time to cook and eat Maggi Mee with 3 eggs!! WTF??

Now, we have everything fixed. My window has been repaired. The grill has been installed, with extra nails and screws. We also got an alarm system over the weekend. Next, we are looking at getting a home content insurance.

So is our home safe now? Will the alarm system make it more secure? Can the home content insurance covers our lost?

The truth is I don't know. I hope so. Maybe it's not 100% secure and safe, but at least it provides a certain degree of protection and coverage. We can only put in the best we could, and hope for the best, right? :)