Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Handphone Etiquette

Some people have the weirdest behaviour when talking on their mobile phone, whether they realised it or not.

In my office, there's a guy who likes to walk around,talking loudly on his handphone. We all get to hear what he's saying (or shouting) and he gets to finger tap on everyone's PCs and tables. Itchy hands lor. This is what he normally does:

Talking on his HP in his room. Got up, and walked around the room. Open room door but stayed in the room. Walked around the room. Laughed.... Close door. Walked in circle, fingger tapping a tune on his table. Open door again. Walked to Finanace Dept, tap-tap on printer on the way. Closed the finance dept door. Walked in circle, shouting profanities. Open finance dept door. Walked to copier machine. Tap-tap on the machine. Walked back and forth the office, touching documents, PC monitors, tables, cabinets, anything his fingers can reached. Walked out of office. Silence for 10 seconds. Walked back in to office, and headed straight to toilet. Open toilet door, but stayed out. Closed toilet door, and walked back to own room.......

And this repeats for 3 to 4 times, with him talking on his phone, loudly. It's like his mind is deeply into the conversation but his body (legs and hands) just gone haywire and decided to do some 'exploring' on its own.

And, oh ya! He's the company's director. :)