Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Was reading regarding the story that his mom told him when he was young that made him stained his pants. Yeah, we all got those kind of stories to scare the daylight out of us. Either from our mom, our dad, relatives, even the bald uncle next door.

Finish off all the food on your plate.
Yup. It was Mami who warned me about this. It is believed that if you do not cleanup your food, leaving bits and pieces on the plate, your spouse's/future spouse's face will be full of pimple.
Mami : Bopeng ah...
Papi : True ah?
Mami : Look at my cousin's wife lar
Papi : Oh, ya lor, better believe... *jilat plate*

Do not shine lights on tree tops at night.
I got to know this from my childhood friends. We were attending some orientation week in school, where we will stayed overnight at school. So one night, we were hanging out, chatting and playing with some powerful torchlights. So I shone it towards the treetop as it was cool. Sort of like a light saber. Then out of nowhere, a friend came rushing towards me, grabbed my torchlight, and switched it off. WTF? I was standing there staring at him. He was freaking out. "Don't do that" he shouted. I asked him why? He just kept quiet and walked away. Later I found out that, by doing that, you will actually shone on a Pontianak* and disturbed her from her sleep. And you don't want to do that, do you?

Do not speak of tigers while you are in the jungle.
Bukit Celaka Cherakah was not open for public yet at that time, but we decided to check it out. So we rode our cool BMX and soon we found ourselves in the middle of a jungle. Well not exactly a jungle, but very bushy and lots of trees. No roads though. We heard there was a nice water fall, so decided to have a good swim. While walking and trekking, we talked about stuff, and soon we talked about tigers. And a friend of mine (and yes, the same friend who grabbed my torchlight) was unusually quiet when we talked about tigers. Then he 'bueh tahan'*. He scolded us, and asked us to stop talking about that animal. Believe it or not, he didn't dare to mentioned the word 'tiger'. But we ignored him and continued to pull his legs. It is believed that if you mentioned the word 'tiger' in a jungle, it's like you are calling the tiger, and the tiger will come after you. But, come on lar, tiger in Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam?? Kucing miang adalah.* And the great water fall turned out to be a stinking longkang*. sigh..

Do not sharpen your pencil on both ends.
It is believed that if you sharpen your pencil on both ends, something bad will happen to your parent. But this one makes sense. It is to scare little ones so that they don't do this. Coz it is dangerous to have a sharp pointed pencil on both ends especially when you are writing. Who knows. Raja, the school bully sitting behind the classroom, might decide to come over your desk, and give you a good smack behind your head, while you are writing. This will send your head towards the sharp pointed pencil and poked your eye out of it's socket, like a olive on a toothpick.

Do not point your finger to rainbows or the moon.
This one I don't get it. If I point my finger to a rainbow or to the moon, then my ear will rot and drop off? In some version, it is the nose that will rot and drop off. But why??

Do not go out at night when they are building a bridge nearby.
When I was a kid, my parent used to tell me this. They say "Don't go out at night. They are building a bridge behind our house". "Why?" I asked. "They will kidnap you and chop your head off. And then they will bury your head under the bridge, so that the bridge will become strong and firm.". That was enough to send chill down my spine.

Do not use more than one plate when having your meal.
Again Mami told me this. If you eat using more than one plate, then you will have more than one wife. hhmmmm......

Mami : Eh, Papi, I cannot finish lar...

Papi : Ok, pass me your plate. I'll finish it.

Mami : *Pass the plate to Papi*

Papi : So now I am using more than one plate. So don't blame me if later I got two wives ah....

Mami : Haip!! *throw fork at Papi*

Hmmm...I wonder, how about at buffet?

Pontianak - A malay version of female vampires
bueh tahan - A mixed Hokkien/Malay meaning cannot stand of something, or cannot endure.
Kucing miang - horny cat
longkang - Malay for drain

Driving in Malaysia for Dummies

Driving in Malaysia. The words that will send shivers down most people's spine. But worry not. Here's a guide to help you to survive driving in Malaysia.

1. Changing lanes.
Simply change lanes wherever and whenever you want. Do not bother to look into the side mirror or check whether there are any cars on the next lane or turning signal light. Don't worry, all Malaysian drivers are train to handle this situation, and they are very skillful drivers. Sometime, they will honk to let you know that you have safely changed to the next lane. Please honk back to say thank you.

2. Traffic lights.
Green light means go. Simply proceed at any speed you wish.
Yellow light means go as fast as possible before the light turns red. If possible, floor your accelerator.
Red light means stop. Well not exactly, if there is no car from other junction, simply proceed. If you are not sure, follow the rocker dude in the kapcai* or RXZ.
Yes, the lights has different meaning as compared to other countries but Malaysian are an efficient lot. They don't waste time waiting at the traffic light.
*kapcai - Honda Cub motorbike

3. Traffic Jam
When stuck in a traffic jam, don't worry. Try to find ways to go forward. If you are on a 2-lane road, feel free to create a new lane. You can use the emergency lane, the road shoulder, the divider, even the opposite lane. If you are queueing on the opposite lane and the cars from the opposite traffic is honking and flashing their headlights at you, they are only greeting you. Please honk back to say thank you.

4. Queuing
Queuing? What queuing? Queuing doesn't exist in Malaysia. If you are stuck in a long line to pass a junction, simply go as far as possible on any free lane (refer Point 3 on how to create a new lane), then join back the line. Just swerve in, no need for turning signal light. Other cars will honk, but they want to congratulate you because you have successfuly cut down on your travel time and get ahead of the rest of the people. Honk back to say thank you. Sometimes, they will give you the standard Malaysia driver greeting. Refer Note 10 on how to deal with this.

5. Parking
Malaysia is big. So, you can park anywhere you want, anytime you want and how you want it. Park at the road side, on the opposite road, even in the middle of the road. If you are only stopping for a 10-20 minutes, just to get something very quick, find a spot as near as possible to your ultimate location. You don't want to walk 200 metres from the parking lot, do you? It's freaking hot and with the haze around, you are out of your mind walking 200 metres, sweating like a dog. The parking spot in front of the shop is taken? No problem, simply park behind them. Take you sweet time to shop, choose properly. You don't want to get the wrong colour of underwear for your speed dating party, do you? If the owner of those cars that you blocked, came back and was honking at you, don'y worry. They are telling you that they are not busy, and they are not rushing back because their house is not on fire. As a courtesy, show them the Standard Malaysian Driver Greeting (refer Point 10).

6. Accident
Although accident rate in Malaysia is quite high, it is still one of the lowest in the Southern Hemisfera. When you see an accident on the road, please slowdown your car, wind down your window, and take a good look at the car's numbber plate (not the alphabet part, the numeric part). Write it down on a piece of paper. If you do happen to pass by a gambling outlet (4D), stop and buy the number (refer Point 5 for parking tips). 50 Big, 50 Small is the minimum. The winning chances of buying the number plate of a car that just had an accident is very very high. I know because my uncle's son's friend's dog's trainer's wife won a RM1 million hitting the first prize. It was her 999,999 bets, betting 50 big, 50 small each time. She was so lucky.

7. Highways
There are numerous super highways in Malaysia. Some even comes with super traffic jam, and super toll collection. These super highways are meant to cut down on travel time from one point to another. So, do speed on the highway. If possible, floor it. Ohh...the 110 sign on the side of the road? That is the average lifespan of a typical Malaysian driver. Nothing to worry about.

8. Flashing headlights
If you are on the highway fast lane, and on the rear-view mirror, you see a fast car approaching, with flashing headlights, stay still. They just want to say "Hi' to you. Stay on your lane, maintain or slowdown your speed. The car will overtake you from the left. You can honk to say "Hi" back or you can show the Standard Malaysian Driver Greeting (refer Point 10).

9. Using mobilephones/handphones while driving
The purpose of a mobile phone/handphone is to enable you to stay in touch with your contacts wherever you are at anytime. Including while you are driving. Do not invest in a hand's free kit, a waste of money. It also makes your ear-hole big, which could attract insects like the dung bettle. Why is it call a handphone if you are not using your hand to use it. Furthermore, human are born to be able to do more than one thing at a time. Multitasking. Expand your multitasking-ness of your brain. Use your handphone while driving, and at the same time, eyeing the babe in the other car, while scratching your scrotum with your leg.

10. Standard Malaysian Driver Greeting
Over the years, Malaysian driver has established their own identity on how to greet each other on the road. As they cannot hear each other when driving, thus hand signal is used. The most famous one is the middle finger salute. Simply clench your fist, and then raised up your middle finger, and show it to those you want to greet. Show it to ask about their wellbeing. Show it to ask about their mother. Show it to ask about their dog. When you are shown this hand signal, it is only polite to show it back. If they happen to pass by very fast, and you have no opportunity to show it back, then simply honk and try to give them a chase. Once you are driving behind them, and continuing honking, show it to them thru the windscreen. They will be able to pick it up thru their rear-view mirror.

Disclaimer: The author shall not be held responsible for any untoward incidents due to following the above guide. If you bang your head, or if you lose money in 4D or if you met road thugs ( Oh ya! I forgot to mention the road thugs), you are solely responsible.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Newton pengsan ...

Read about this from Jeff Ooi's Screenshots.

A PROF SHAUKAT MAHMOOD wrote a letter to NST on 28 June 2004.
Even Newton would faint at some scenes in Tamil movies

RECENTLY Isaac Newton, the father of physics, made a visit to Earth to watch a movie. He watched a few Tamil movies and his head was in a spin. He was convinced that all his logic and laws in physics were just a huge pile of junk and apologised for everything he had done. Here are a few scenes from Vijayakanth’s movies:
Vijayakanth has a brain tumour which, according to the doctors, can’t be cured and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Vijayakanth is shot in the head. To everybody’s surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking away the tumour along with it and he is cured. Long live Vijayakanth!

Vijayakanth is confronted with three gangsters. He has a gun but unfortunately only one bullet. Guess, what he does? He throws a knife at the gangster standing in the centre and shoots at the knife. The knife cuts the bullet into two pieces, killing both the gangsters flanking the one in the centre, while the knife kills the middle one.

Vijayakanth is chased by a gangster. Vijayakanth has a revolver but he has no bullets in it. Guess, what he does? No, not even in your remotest imagination. As soon as the gangster shoots, Vijayakanth opens the bullet compartment of his revolver and catches the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his gun ... and the gangster dies.

This was too much for our Newton to take and he was completely shaken and he decided to go back. But he stayed around to watch another movie, thinking that at least it will follow his theory of physics. The whole movie goes on fine and Newton is happy that all in the world hasn’t changed.

Oops! Not so fast. The climax finally arrives. Vijayakanth gets to know that the villain is on the other side of a very high wall. It’s so high that Vijayakanth can’t jump even if he tries one of those superman techniques our heroes normally use.

He has to desperately kill the villain. Vijayakanth pulls out two guns from his pocket. He throws one gun in the air and when the gun reaches the height of the wall, he shoots at the trigger of the first gun in the air with his second gun. Now the first gun fires off and the villain is dead. Newton faints!

You mean there were no dancing on the mountain in Switzerland, then singing in the park in Malaysia, then rolling on the beach in Australia, before ending the song somewhere in the Antartica?

Our sunshine...

"Hello, nice to meet you."


"Ha ha ha .... Papi acting like a clown!! Ha ha ha"


Yea, yea, yea. Traffic in Malaysia. Everyone seems to have something to say about it.

Yesterday, Papi and Mami were driving home to 3K land. U see, in 3K land, they have installed traffic light 'looks-intelligent-but-stupid' system. Actually it was only a dumb timer counter that shows you the remaining 'green time' you have, and it basically tells to floor your accelerator when you are 100 metres away and the timer is showing 5 secs.

But since 3K's resident are all 'intelligent people', just like the traffic light system(ok, not all but most), they soon found new ways to utilise this traffic light system. U see, in one of the main junction, 3 lanes are meant to go forward while the 4th lane, the left most lane is for vehicles to turn left. It is one of the busiest junction, and when it's congested, it becomes one of the world's biggest gathering of people that cursed at the same time.

OK, so we were queuing on the 3rd lane to go forward, waiting for the traffic light to go green. Before the light went green, when the timer was showing about 3 secs before the light would turn green, I saw 4-5 cars behind the queue (same lane as mine) actually came out from the queue, and raced along the 4th lane. And it was all about perfect timing. The light turned to green, and the queue started to move. And these 'vultures' eyeing gaps between cars, swooped in to join back the queue. WTF? Some lagi 'terror'. They went as far as they can on the 4th lane, and just before the turning to the left, they swooped in, causing the car at the back to jam brake. And they did this in super highspeed. The sad thing is some of these cars were driven by people with load of children in their car.

So 3K people are really into information technology. They sense information all around them and put them to 'good' use. Just like the traffic timer. It gives them information to achieve their feat, so that they can reach home 2-3 minutes earlier than other people. Bravo!!

Monday, June 28, 2004

At the counter...

Today, during lunch time, we went for a quick shopping of basic necessities...

Papi & Mami : *shopping shopping*

Papi : OK? We got everything?

Mami : OK. Let's go.

At the payment counter..

Papi : *Read the temporary signage put up at each payment counter - "Please be informed that our credit card system is currently down. Thank you." * Eh? Mami, cannot use credit card leh.

Mami : Huh? Wait let me check whether we got enough cash...

Papi : I got some cash with me also.

Mami : OK, should be enough. Let's go.

Cashier : Er? Card or cash?

Papi & Mami : *Look at each other*

Mami : Card can ah?

Cashier : Cannot, system down.

Mami : Then why you say card?

Cashier : err.....

Mami : Cash lor.

Papi : *grin*


Got this from Mami in my mail box today.

Expressions that will make you smile, anytime.

Click here for a bigger picture.

The one that make Mami smiled: Col7 Row2

For Papi: Col9 Row4

And yes, all the thumbnails belongs to the same baby.

Body Language

You know, as a baby, it can be quite difficult to comunicate with your Papi and Mami. We have to know what she wants, what she needs, whether she is feeling comfortable or whether she is feeling uneasy.

yiyi has a few body language that we understand. It basically tell us what she is doing, or what she wants. Here's a few (we are still learning from her):

Rubbing eyes, causing the area around her eyelash slightly red
She is feeling tired and sleepy. Normally accompany by yawning. She will become restless, moves a lot when you carry her. Need to sleep.

Making 'mmmm' sound, make mouth into small shape
She is 'pee-pee'ing. No worry, the diapers will take care of it.

Making 'mmmm' sound, pull mouth and lips back, as if smiling, with mouth closed and cheek up.
She is 'poo-poo'ing. Get Mami, she will take care of it...he he he...

Kicking both of her feet very very fast, and moving her hands up and down to sync with her feet.
She is feeling happy, and wants to play with you. Carry her. She will laugh and melt your heart.

Lean towards you, with arm wide open
She wants you to lift her up and carry her. Carry her and she will lauigh and melt your heart.

Blinking her eyes rapidly as if to avoid something (like strong wind blowing into her face)
She is scared of something around her. Like the portable fan that her uncle bought for her. She will blink her eyes whenever she hear the sound of the portable fan, although the small fan is 10 metres away.

Friday, June 25, 2004

The day we become Papi and Mami - part 2

That night, we didn't sleep a wink. Mami was having her contraction every now and then. But she said it is still ok, still bearable. Earlier when the midwife checked Mami, she told her that Mami was about 4cm dilated. They were quite surprised because it was not painful for Mami. We chatted till morning.

Around 6am, the nurses contacted Mami's uncle, the obstetrician. We call him UncleBotak. Mami was told to cleanup, shower and 'pangsai' and all. She was still able to walk around. Still can tahan, she said. Then around 7am, UncleBotak came. Mami was brought to the same room again, which I later found out to be the labor room. UncleBotak examined her and said everything is fine. According to him, she should be ready by 10am. He gave something to help the cervix to dilate, some sort of gel, i think. Then he left, leaving us with the midwives.

The contraction became more and more frequent and stronger. Mami began to feel painful. All this while I was holding her hand, asking her to concentrate and breath. Every once in a while the midwife will examine her and check the baby's heartbeat. When the contraction became stronger, the midwife asked Mami to push. This is the most painful moment. Mami was sweating and panting, I was getting nervous. Pushing and more pushing, but the baby didn't want to come out. Mami was getting tired, I was getting more nervous. All this while, the midwives (there were 3-4 of them, coming and going) were chit-chatting, macam kat pasar! (Malay - like in a wet market!). Even, a nurse came in and check things out and said "eh, eh..sudah nampak rambut! push lagi, push." (Malay - I can see the hair! Push some more.). It was yiyi's hair.

Then around 10am, still the baby was still having difficulty to come out, the midwife decided to get the doctor. UncleBotak came and straight away, everyone got down to business. The midwives were preparing all the equipment, bandages, etc, UncleBotak was getting into his apron (??) and wearing his gloves and his 'Phua Chu Kang' boots. At that moment, he looked more like a butcher!

They removed the lower half of the bed that Mami's was sleeping on, lifted her legs, and tied her legs on some sort of metal pole on each side of the bed. OMG! At that moment, I felt I was in a torture chamber. Since Mami was having difficulty with pushing, UncleBotak was going to give her some help. Forcep delivery.

I don't know how he did it but he got the forcep into Mami, and managed to clasp the baby's head with it. And he pulled! Asking Mami to give one strong push, he then pulled the baby out. It was amazing!

The time: 10:15am. What happen after that was a series of events happening at the same time very fast. The midwife got the baby and brought her to a corner to clean her up. They were sucking out some liquid from her throat to clear her airway, and she cried. Then they wrap her up with a clean towel. At the same time, UncleBotak was busy cleaning up Mami, still asking her to push out some discharge. Then he started to stitch her wound. The midwife brought the baby to us, and told us that we got a baby girl. For the first time, we looked at her, yiyi. Her eyes was wide, looking at the world around her for the first time. She looked puzzled, her legs were kicking slightly, and she has got a lot of hair. Mami said "She look like you lar, Papi". I just smiled.

And that was the day we become Papi and Mami.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The day we become Papi and Mami

Mami was schedule to visit the obstetrician, who happen to be her uncle, that Saturday. After the routine inspection, the obstetrician set another appointment next week for checkup to see whether she is ready. Then we travel back to Mami's hometown, which is about 45 mins drive, where we intend to stay overnight.

That night, we were watching Freddy vs Jason VCD in the bedroom, when Mami said she wants to go the bathroom. So I paused the movie, and waited for her to comeout, when suddenly she came out and say "I am not sure but I thnk my water just broke". Huh? She is 2 weeks early.

Papi : Are you sure?

Mami : I don't know. Never try before.

Papi : OK, OK, don't panic.

Mami : Here it goes again..... (She was actually having a very minor contraction.)

Papi : OK, OK, don't panic, let me pack few things.

It was 12 midnight. So I packed few things, water termos, her cloths, some cloths for me, and all other stuff. Mami's has 3 sisters who has gone through this, so we kinda know what to expect and what to pack. And lucky we have prepared for this day.

She was wearing a maternal t-shirt and a pair of long pant, which we later learnt it was a stupid mistake. Never wear long pants if your water broke. One of Mami's sister was still awake, so we inform her about it. Then we drove to the hospital.

Since it was midnight and the sense of urgency, the supposed 45-mins drive took only 20 mins. During the drive, she was having minor contraction. I drove straight to the emergency ward, and informed the staff. The staff came out with a wheelchair. We helped Mami's onto the wheelchair, and then she was wheeled to the maternal ward. I have to removed the car and proceed to the car park.

At the maternal ward, I have to clear a few matters, filling in forms, getting the details of Mami and me, and most importantly, money deposit. Then the nurse brought me to a single-occupant room, where I asked for another single bed for me. Then I was left alone in the room. In the room, I can hear a very weird sound, sounded like a horse galloping but with an inconsistent beat. I followed the sound to a corridor, and managed to locate the room where the sound was coming from. I knew Mami is in that room.

A nurse came out from the room, and asked me to go in. When i entered the room, I found out what was making the sound. It was the sound of the baby heartbeat from the fetal doppler. yiyi's heartbeat. The heartbeat was pretty strong, I thought. Mami was lying on a bed, with different clothing, hospital clothing. After the midwife performed some checks on Mami, she said Mami was not ready yet. So we went back to our room.

(to be continued.....)

Difference between Man and Woman

When buying something ....


1. Go to shop.
2. Locate item.
3. Buy item.
4. Leave.


1. Consider for few days whether to buy or not.
2. Decided to buy.
3. Go to shop.
4. Try out the item.
5. Try out another item.
6. Try out yet another item.
7. Keep on comparing the different items for 124 times.
8. Check price.
9. Bargain with sales person.
10. Not agree with the price. Pretend to leave and look at other items.
11. Sales person offer their best price.
12. Still deciding whether to buy or not.
13. Still comparing the different items.
14. Buy item.
15. Go window shopping.
16. Leave when legs starting to ache.

BMW 645Ci

Papi : Mami, if you have the money what car will you buy?

Mami : Eh...? Don't want lar, I scared lar, driving new car.

Papi : Why? Your driving ok what...

Mami : No lar, if new car, worry i bang the car here and there lor..

Papi : If like that, buy second hand car lar, maybe Kancil second hand lar... he he he

Mami : No lar, I buy for you lar. Which car you want?

Papi : So good ah? Eh....*think think* BMW 645Ci

Priced at RM808,000, obviously, anyone who buy this car, they got loads and loads of extra money. As BMW Malaysia MD put it: "Customer who buys the new 6 series is making decision with his dick heart, not his head".

Engine type : DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection
Displacement : 268 cu in, 4398cc
Power (SAE net) : 325 bhp @ 6100 rpm
Torque (SAE net) : 330 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm
Transmissions : 6-speed manual, 6-speed manual with automated shifting and clutch, 6-speed automatic with manumatic shifting
Wheelbase : 108.4 in
Length/width/height : 190.2/73.0/54.1 in
Curb weight : 3800 lb
Zero to 60 mph 5.5-5.7 sec


Yesterday I got an unexpected call from a friend, Lychee. He was my room mate when we were studying in UK. But I missed the call as my HP was in Mami's handbag and when I got to know about the call, I couldn't call him back, coz my prepaid ran out of credit. So I call him today.

He was actually a course mate of mine in local college. We know each other but we were in a different 'group'. There were Cameron group, KL group, Rich-kid group etc, you know, people from the same background tend to stick together.

There were 5 of us who enrolled for the same university in UK, me, Mami, Ultraman, SunSun, and Lychee. And we rented a house near our university. As you all know, studying abroad, you need to be independent. Cook your own meal, wash your cloths, make your own bed, unless you have gf to do it for you *wink wink* ;).

If there is a guy who didn't know how to fried an egg, Lychee's the one. There was a day when we just moved into our newly rented house. All of us was hungry, and craved for something Malaysian. We have been having Curry chicken (angmoh style) and potatoes for a week long during our orientation week. So the best thing was egg, that we easily bought from a grocery shop few doors away.

And that was the first time Lychee fried an egg. He heated some oil in a hot pan, then he cracked the egg into the overheated pan. And hot oil and pieces of egg splattered all over him, onto his face, his arm. And he ran to his room to apply some lotion, crying "Mama, Mama..."......... Okay, I made the crying part up.

So next time, our friend clever already. He would cracked the egg onto a bowl first, then pour it into the frying pan. Then he ran as fast as possible to the nearest bus stop. Once the egg is cooked, and the spewing of hot oil stopped, he would return with a plate on his hand and a smirk on his face. Victory. But sometime he return to find his egg badly burnt.

As time goes by, his skilled improved. He no longer scared of the spewing hot oil. He even learn to cook other dishes, curry chicken, fried chicken, fried rice, fried mee, vege, soup.

After our course completed.....

Papi : So, what have you learnt during this 1 year plus?

Lychee : I don't know about you but I learnt to cook...

Papi : Huh? Try telling that to your family..ha haha..

Lychee : Really, when I get back, I want to cook for my family. Now, I don't have to worry I will get hungry. I can always cook..

Mami : Yalar, next time, if your wife refused to cook for you, then you can cook your own lar....ha ha ha

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Having a baby will change your lifestyle completely, and it's true. Before this, we can go anywhere we want, when we want, do what we want. Simply pack few things and we are off. No worries, no responsibility, Just Do It.

But now things have changed. Everything we do, or plan to do, we have to think twice, and most of the time, it revolve around our daughter. When planning for a trip, we have to ensure she will be comfortable. We have to make sure that baby facility is available, and baby cot is available. When going out, we have to make sure the weather is not too hot. Then come the packing. It is like moving the entire house....

Papi : Diapers?

Mami : Diapers, check!

Papi : Hot water?

Mami : Hot water, check!

Papi : Warm water?

Mami : Warm water, check!

Papi : Cloths?

Mami : Cloths, check!

Papi : Walker?

Mami : Walker, check!

Papi : Stroller?

Mami : Stroller, check!

Papi : Pacifier?

Mami : Pacifier, check!

Papi : Milk powder?

Mami : Milk Powder, check!

Papi : Panadol?

Mami :! What panadol? She's still baby lar!

Papi : Aiya, Panadol for me la.... *headache*

yiyi - part 2

yiyi moves around in a baby walker. And she is extremely fast with the walker. Zoom here and there, just like F1 driver.

Mami : Inherited from you lar, Papi.

Papi : Heh heh heh...

We have to take extra precaution whenever she's on the walker. In a blink of an eye, she is already near the Astro decoder trying to yank the cables out. So, that's why we put 'barriers' around the living room. We use coffee table, chairs, bolsters, just to keep her away from dangerous places.

She likes to look up at the ceiling or at the sky when outdoor. So we trained her to recognise certain objects she could find on the ceiling.

Mami : yiyi, where is the fan?

yiyi : *looking up at the ceiling fan*

Mami : Pandai! Where is the lamp?

yiyi : *looking up at the ceiling lamp*

My father, yiyi's grandpa, likes to bring her outdoor, to look at the surrounding. He also trained yiyi to recognise few objects.

Grandpa : yiyi, where is bird?

yiyi : *looking up at the sky to a flock of bird flying nearby*

Grandpa : Where is aeroplane?

yiyi : *looking up at the sky to an aeroplane flying near the horizon*

Grandpa : Good. Where is Mami?

Mami : *standing behind Grandpa - clap clap hand*

yiyi : *looking up at the sky searching for Mami...*

Grandpa & Mami : Aiya! *pengsan*

Pandai - Malay word meaning clever
pengsan - Malay word meaning fainted

Papi & Mami

Mami : Eh? When yiyi grow up ah, what you want her to call you ah?

Papi : How about you?
(Mami always complaint that I always answer her question by questioning her back. ha ha ha

Mami : Me ah? Mami lor.

Papi : She decide lor what she wanna call me.

Mami : Aiya, she's too young, we must teach her one. How about Papa?

Papi : Papa? Papa and Mami. Doesn't rhyme leh?

Mami : Daddy leh?

Papi : eee...daddy for angmoh bapuk.

Mami : then how?

Papi : *think think* Papi lor. Papi and Mami. PapiMami.

Mami : ha ha ha ! sounds like a dog...ha ha ha

Papi : grrrr.....wou wou!


yiyi is our 8 months old daughter. Cute, beautiful and full of energy, she brings joy and happiness to our family.

At 8 months old, she beginning to experiment with her surrounding. She will try to get her hands on everything, and I tell you, she is fast. One moment she is behind the sofa, and next she will holding the remote control, pressing away happily. She seems to have a connection with the remote control. Any remote control in fact. Astro, TV, fan, air con, DVD player. And once she grab hold of one, she won't let go. If you try to take it away, she will scream at you...

Mami : yiyi, cannot play with remote control ah... *grab remote control from yiyi*

yiyi : Arrrhhh!! translation: give me back my remote control!!!

Mami : Arrrrhhhhh!! *screams back* translation: don't you scream at your Mami!!

Yeah, it is one of those special moment of mother-daughter talk.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


One fine day....

Papi : Eh, Mami. I thnk I want to create a blog la.

Mami : Huh? Blog? What is that? Can eat ah..?

Papi : Aiya, blog la. So many people blogging nowadays. It's like a diary you keep on the Internet. You can write anything you want, and anyone can come and read it.

Mami : Wah! Like that ah...what you want to write?

Papi : Don't know. I'll think of something la. Maybe write something about you and yiyi.

Mami : Don't write about me lar...shy leh.

Papi : he he he ....

Mami : OK lar. Whatever you like lar....

Papi : OK .... he he he...

And that's how this blog was created. We hope you will enjoy what we have done here. It is still very young, but we have so many ideas and we hope we will be able to put it in here as soon as possible.