Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Under the weather

Hou Yeet ah! Hou Kan Yu Yeet ah!!
So blardy hot today!!

It was raining cats and dogs just few days ago, which flooded Shah Alam and some other areas, and now it's so freaking hot!

And Yiyi fell sick again. It must be the fourth time this year. Ever since she started pre-school, she got sick quite often. Probably lots of germs in her kindy. Her classmates are the same as well. Every week, she'll come back and tell us that her friends got sick and didn't come to school.

Everytime she got fever, we got extra worried. I have a history of very high-fever. So we are worried she inherited that from me. The highest for her was 42 deg C. In the middle of the night.

But she got better this morning, and she's eager to get to school. She even went to school when she got the fever last week. Despite us telling her not to go, she 'insisted' she wanted to go. Luckily, the teacher told her she couldn't come even if it's just a lil' bit feverish.

So now she listen to everything the teacher says.