Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Holy Batman!!

We have bats in the house.

When we first moved in, there were bats up on the ceiling. But after the second nights, they were gone. Probably got scared by us moving in.

Then a couple of years back, they came back for a few days and then gone.

This time, they came back again and seems to refuse to leave. ah? The noise is disturbing our sleep and it's beginning to smell too.

Over the weekend, my dad and I decided to climb up onto our ceiling and paid them a visit. There were more than 10, some still young. And the stench from the droppings were terrible. Despite our banging and prodding and a can of Ridsect, they just simply refuse to leave.

Mami : How ah?

My dad : I think I'll go up again and try to catch them.

Papi : I think you'll need gloves. If they bite you, you'll become a vampire.

Mami : Ha ha no lar, you watched too much 'kiong see' movie already. What can we put to scare them ah?

Papi : I know!!

Mami : What?

Papi : Garlic!!

Mami : Garlic? Can meh?

Papi : Can!! You see those dracula movies or not. They usually hang garlic around their neck and in the house, so the dracula won't hurt them. Dracula scared of garlic wan!!

Mami : LOL!! Aiya!! You ah...

Talk about 'Ng Fook Lam Mun' but this 'Fook' (bats) is causing us sleepless nights!! *sigh*

p.s. Garlic won't work on bats.