Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Job Interview

As you might have read in the previous post, Mami has decided to work again. She has been really bored at home, and itchy to be working again. Also there are also some other rea$on$. hehee..

So we contacted a few friends and ex-colleagues, and I went through the newspapers. A good friend recommended a position in her company in Shah Alam. Mami sent in her resume and before you know it, she was called for her first interview.

One thing about a job interview, is that, it is actually a two-way traffic. Beside the employer evaluating the candidates, at the same time, the candidates will also be evaluating the employer. So how a company handles an interview, tells a lot about the company, especially time-management.

Mami got an appointment at 1.15 pm for a job interview on a Friday. As Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu, and everyone else know, it is lunch time and it's Friday's prayer for the Muslims. We also got to know the interviewer is a Muslim. Despite our numerous call to confirm the time, the HR still maintained that the time was correct, and requested Mami to be punctual.

And the first thing the HR officer said when she walked into their office at 1.15pm,

"Wait ah. It's lunch time, and the interviewer just went out for lunch."

And she waited a full 2 hours before her turn. That's why I got so much time and went looking for the pisang goreng and managed to finish my Mary Higgins Clark's novel.

Despite that, she really likes the job and is hoping of getting it. Wish her luck, ya?