Monday, January 22, 2007


It has been a tiring weekend!

Yiyi has been sick since last Thursday. She came back from kindy and was having a fever. Her temperature went up to 40 degree C!! On Friday, it was worst. 41 degree C. The paracetamol that the doctor gave wasn't effective, so we went back to the doctor on Saturday.

Her fever still persisted on Saturday, and the doctor began to suspect it's dengue. But her blood report came back negative. phew.... The doctor put her on Bifen (ibuprofen) and antibiotic.

By Sunday, her fever had come down, but she was having diarrhea. But the fever came back at night. *sigh*

So today, she's still resting at home, with Mami caring for her and putting up with her whinning, and 'manja-ing'.

I think it's the 'sick season'. I was feeling under the weather the whole of last week, Mami was down too earlier. My mom was sick last Saturday and the whole family of my neighbour was down, including their 1 y.o. baby. And then there are James and Suzanne.

So take care everyone.