Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Rims

Got a new rim for our Mini. The old tyre rim was actually pretty ugly (hey, that's an oxymoron!). Some don't-know-what brand, with lots of spoke wan. Not to mention, difficult to clean. And rusty somemore.

So when my dad called me to say someone's (potong shop lor) selling a set of 12-inch standard Minilite rims (aka pisang rim), immediately I said "Yes!".

Happy only.

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So, had a friend sprayed some metalic paints over it, clear-coat (chrome too expensive), brought to a tyre shop to fix it.

"Boss, cannot lar. This one need special nuts wan".

"Hah? Why? Cannot ah?". *sweat*

"Yalar, sumore the screws all so short wan. You see, the screw hole on the rim ah, very big you know. Normal nuts cannot wan. You need to get this special nut lor".



Asked around a few shops, some friends, all say don't have. Sin Tong Bee shop said must order from UK, which would cost me around Rm25-30 per piece. And I needed 16.
Double Aiyo.

So ended up manufactured it locally.

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The rims cost us RM400. The nuts, RM300!!

Lesson of the day: Make sure you check and ensure the screws and the nuts are available, before you buy new rims.

Sin Tong Bee is a classic car accessories shop located in Jln Pudu. Expensive.