Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Papi : Yiyi! Come and take your bath!

Yiyi : I don't want!

Papi : It's late already, quick, go take your bath. Mami waiting for you in the bathroom.

Yiyi : I don't want. I want to play.

Papi : If you don't take bath, hair will grow on your body.

Yiyi : ......

Papi : You see this *grab Three Little Pigs book*. Hair will grow on your body and you'll become a wolf. Then you have to live alone in the jungle.

Yiyi : Big Bad Wolf ah?

Papi : Ya, come, let Papi see your back.

Yiyi : *walk over, show back*

Papi : Hah! Hair is beginning to grow at your back.

Yiyi : Change to Big Bad Wolf ah?

Papi : Yeah. Quick, go take your bath.

Yiyi : See, see. *point to Papi's hand* Just like your hand!! Hairy!

Papi : :P


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