Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vulgar Durian

Wow, what a great idea. A durian chart.
Perfect for rookies like me. Simply point and choose.

In The Star today, a durian seller has created a 'durian chart' to make it easier for his customer to choose. The chart is based on the popularity of the durian.

The chart is actually a four-tier wooden rack at his stall, with the chart-topper at top and the less popular at the bottom.

So this year, the champions are Raja Kunyit, Kulit Hijau No.15 and ... Lan Ciau Yuan.


Lan Ciau Yuan.

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Is this some kind of a joke? A typo maybe? Is that really the name of the durian?

In the busy, noisy restaurant...

Customer : Towkay ah! Lan Ciau Yuan je ke.

Towkay : Huh? Sa mi ah? (What?)

Customer : Lan Ciau Yuan je ke lar! (Louder)

Towkay : Huh??! Loo ai sa mi?? (What do you want?)

Customer : Lan Ciau lar, Lan Ciau lar!! (LOUDER!)

China Customers : *ears drop*