Friday, June 09, 2006

Prison Escape

Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield have been giving us really really late nights.


The two brothers in the TV show Prison Break.

Michael : I am getting you out.

Lincoln : That's impossible.

Michael : Not if you design it.


Lincoln : You have seen the blueprint?

Michael : I have got it on me. *show fully tattoed body*


After reading from the doc, I decided to get myself a copy *ahem* thanks to Streamyx. It's about a genius, Michael Scofield, who staged a bank robbery, only to get into the same prison as his brother. Lincoln Burrows, Scofield's brother, was framed with murdering the vice president's brother and was sentenced to the death. Scofield was the designer of the prison and he tattoed the encrypted blueprint and other information onto his body, that he could use to rescue his brother and escape from the prison.


Prison Break Chapter 8 : *end*

Mami : Aiya! Quick quick, another chapter, another chapter.

Papi : Huh?? 12.30am already you know, tomorrow need to work leh.

Mami : Just a bit lar, very 'kan cheong' lar.

Papi : Tired leh...

Mami : aiya....hmmm....ok lar, ok lar....

Mami more kancheong than me.