Monday, April 24, 2006

A day at 1U

We went jalan-jalan at 1U over the weekend. Yiyi's was extremely excited about it.

1Utama is the only shopping mall that I could lose my way in it. It's huge, and the structure is really confusing. And most of the time, I could only cover about 50% of the shops before my legs complained.

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'That's Yiyi with Barney and friends"

She wanted to get on this Barney ride, but when Mami put in a coin, she wanted to get off. LOL!! Scared wor.

But once she got the hang of it, she started drifting!

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Went to Hakkakaya for lunch (Dun ask me where it it, coz I have no idea. It' next to Chicken Rice Shop). No photos though, too busy eating mah. Their Chicken Curry is a must try, goes well with their steamed rice. Mami had porridge and Yiyi had 2 half-boiled eggs, yummy!

We walked around a little, windows shopping. That's when Yiyi found her twin.

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She knows it was her in the mirror, and she knows how a mirror works. But when I showed her the shots I took on the digicam, she was confused. hehehe...

"Papi, why got 2 Yiyi?"

"That's you in the mirror."

"2 Yiyi, One Yiyi here, one in the mirror""

Looking at her with the mirror, really put a smile on my face. :)