Friday, March 10, 2006

The day I got sledge-hammered - Part 1

I had a bizarre experience last night.

For the past few days, I have been having a nagging back pain. Probably due to fatique, stress or that long distant drive to Singapore last weekend.

So the day before yesterday, my parents were having a chat with a neighbour, an old chinese man from China, who seems to have a bit knowledge in home remedies, herbs etc. Of course, their chat touched on my condition, and guess what?! He has the perfect remedy for back ache. And he claimed to have cured another neighbour, who has look high and low for a cure for his back ache problem for years.

The method is simple. You simply lie down flat on the floor, loosen up your body and relax. He'll bring a piece of wood plank, and a hammer. Put the plank at the bottom of your feet (as if you are stepping on it), and then whacked the wood plank as hard as he could, 3 times. The impact is believed to be able to send a shockwave that will 'straighten' your spine and cure the back-ache problem! Walah!

"Do you have a hammer?", the old man asked, in his Mandarin with funny accent.

"Yes, I have the normal hammer for nails", my dad replied.

"No! No! You need a 10 pound sledgehammer!"

*Gulp!* I didn't like the sound of it.

[to be continued] Goto Part 2