Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Fuiyo!! Did you see that huge teddy bear on The Star? One lucky woman will be getting this one-and-only-in-Malaysia 1.17m Luscinia bear later today and it costs the guy RM960!! I am sure the guy will see some actions tonite, eh? *wink wink*

And then there is the kissing florist. Other than flowers and chocolates, you can actually order "kisses" and romantic phrases to be read out when they deliver the gifts. I wonder whether "french kiss" is available. Imagine some strangers went up to your wife or girlfriend, gave her a kiss and said "You're my love, my everything". And then how do we know for sure the delivery guy is really a florist and not a pervert. hhmmmm....

For us, is just another day. We have our days of expensive flowers and dinners, but now we are celebrating it nice and simple. Probably a stroll in pasar malam tonite, looking for my favourite kuih udang, and popiah. Gonna go back early too to look for Yiyi and spend some time with her. Then probably going back a bit early and retire early *wink wink*. hehehe....

Happy Valentine's Day!