Monday, February 06, 2006

Nien Monster

Yiyi : *yell yell yell* Mami!! MAMI!!!!

Mami : *patience patience*

Yiyi : Mami!!! Mami!! *kick this...throw that*

Mami : *shaking....shaking.....*

Yiyi : *shout shout* MAMMMMI!!! MAMMMII!!!! MAMI!!!!!

Mami : *eyes turn yellow.....body turning green*

Yiyi : *climb here....jump there....dash dash...*

Mami : *muscle pumping up.... cloth koyak....leaving only undergarments...growl*

Yiyi : MAMI!! MAMIIII!!!! MAMI!!!!

Mami : *growl...turning into monster...ROAR!!! ROAR!!!!!*

*piak! piak!! piak!!!*

Last weekend, Yiyi has become really really naughty and difficult to control. Want this, want that, demand this, demand that. And she only wants Mami to 'serve' her. I think because of the holidays lar. She suddenly become so 'free' mah. Can eat freely (no thanks to GrandPa), can play with cousins, can stay up late watch TV.

So while feeding her lunch, she suddenly threw a tantrum and 'karate' her lunch, spilling all her porridge on the floor and poor Mami. Mami lost her cool and gave her little leg a 'little slap'. hehehe... Mami beh tahan.

So how's our CNY holiday?
Tiring. :)