Monday, December 05, 2005

Pau Wow

One day at pasar malam:

Papi, Mami : *walk walk see see*

Papi : Eh? you want that? *point point*

Mami : Errr....OK.

Papi : How many?

Mami : One enough lor. But you go buy, I malu lar.

Papi : Why malu? Nothing what?

Mami : Aiya, you go buy lar.

Papi : OK lar, OK lar.

*Walk over*

Papi : Boss! Yip Chi-Mei Big Pau! One!

Pau Boss : OK!

Papi : Give me nice one ah...I don't want the leaking Pau.

Pau Boss : OK OK..

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That's the monster Pau on our 12-inch plate. Enough to feed two.

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It has chicken, pork, turnip and some other ingredients inside.

A pau businessman probably came up with this idea of a big pau after a Cat 3 Hong Kong movies marathon. So at the end of the movie marathon, he probably felt hungry and while eating his normal-sized pau, he wished it was Amy Yip's "pau" he was holding. Eureka!! LOL!! So Yip Chi Mei Dai Pau was born.

Pasar Malam: Night Market found in Malaysia

Pau : Chinese Buns

Cat 3: Hong Kong movie rating system; Adults only.