Tuesday, November 15, 2005


While driving back from Kuantan, Mami sat behind with Yiyi, while me on the driver seat.

Mami : Oooh!

Papi : What?!

Mami : I just realised I like the smell of Yiyi's armpit.

Papi : You what?

Mami : Her armpit! She's a bit sweaty, and strangely I like the smell! It's a bit salty, mixed with the scent of her talcum powder. hmmmm.....

Papi : .....

Mami : Yiyi, come here, let Mami smell your armpit again... *grab Yiyi*

Yiyi : hehehe...*giggle giggle*


Papi : eww!!!

Mami : You want to smell?

Papi : Noooo....eewwwww!!!

And I thought James, who thinks Jesse's dirty diapers smelt like KFC, was weird. LOL!!