Monday, October 31, 2005


Mami's boss : Hey, how's thing?

Papi : Aiyo, no good ler, still not working.

M Boss : hehehe... eh? u guys on leave ah?

Papi : Yalor, From Tuesday, Wednesday company have declared a half day off, right?

M Boss : Yalor, half day only. People come half day, where got productive wan. Surf net for a while, drink some coffee, read newspaper already half day.

Papi : Hehehe...

M Boss : Better take leave, stay at home better. Can sleep late some more. I don't understand, why need to come to work half day? Wasting only. Take leave, rest at home mah.

Papi : hehee... you on leave also lar?

M Boss : No.

Papi : Huh? You are coming to work?

M Boss : Ya.

Papi : Got something to do meh?

M Boss : Don't know lar. I also don't know come for what.

Papi : ???

LOL! I also don't know he come for what. hehehe...