Monday, October 10, 2005

A Day in Bulan Puasa

The 'Pak Guard' circled the mamak shop twice.

First, to make sure the coast was clear. Second, to make his move. I was sitting at a corner, observing....

He approached the Mamak cautiously, stealing quick glances towards the exit stair and the main entrance. He saw me, but he was determined.

The mamak stall is a small shoplot/stall about 6 by 4 feet. In front, was a table for cutlery and plates, as well as a plactic rack for displaying various breads and cakes. The Mamak was standing inside his shop, facing the roti canai counter and his hotplate, working on the dough.

He went near the table, checking out a tupperware full of 'vadai' But he was not interested in these. Oh, no. He already knew what he wanted. Oh yes, he knew...

"Mamak..", he whispered. "Kasi roti canai satu, milo ais satu".

"Wokay! Bungkus ah?, Mamak, playing dumb.

"Ya ya.."

Then he walked away, knowing it'll be ready in no time.

I quickly finished my mee goreng, but decided to stick around to watch him.

Sure enough, he came back later to check out his 'goods'. Unfortunately, it was not ready. The Mamak was still waiting for the water to boil. Damn! He had no choice but to stick around. Waiting nervously, he kept rushing the Mamak.

"Mamak, cepat sikit lar.", he said, impatiently.
"Nanti, nanti ah..manyak cepat.", the Mamak replied.

While he was waiting, his eyes caught something out of the corner. He turned to look and then pretended he didn't see it. It was someone he knew....the parking attendance.

"Pak Cik!! Apa lu buat sini?!!", the guy shouted from the Main Entrance, some 20 feet from the Mamak stall. Everyone turned to look.

He pretended he didn't hear it and looked elsewhere. He wanted to go, and leave his 'precious' but the Mamak was already tying his Milo ais pack.

"Pak Cik, TAK PUASA kah!! Tangkap tau!!", the guy still shouting, pulling Pak Guard's leg.

"PAKCIK!! Nanti Kena Tangkap Tau!! TAK PUASA yeh???!". Some ladies nearby were giggling.

"Cepat mari tangkap! Ada orang tak puasa!! Cepat!! HAHAHA!"

His face was all red. Not amused at all. As soon as his food was ready, he flee, making his way to some hidden corner to enjoy his roti and milo.