Friday, September 23, 2005

110 Fahrenheit

I am begining to suspect that Yiyi's day-dreaming/seizure could be from me.

When I was in the secondary school, I had a series of high fevers. I remember one time my dad brought me to the clinic and the doctor said my temperature was 110 Fahrenheit. That's 43 degree celsius!!

I don't really know why I wasn't sent to the hospital, but the doctor just asked us to go back home and rest. And to put some ice on my forehead.

I remember at home, I took some pills, ice pack on my forehead and lied down. My body was hot all over. Then I remember drifting to sleep.....

When I woke up, I was sitting on the sofa and my dad was applying medicated oil to my legs. And my mom was standing there, watching us, looking terrified. And I kept mumbling, "My leg hurts, my leg hurts...", although it is not. And my neighbours were there too.

Later I found out that, to quote my mom, "the high fever fried my brain". I was hallucinating and was not myself. According to my mom, I was sleeping, when suddenly I jumped up and shouted "Superman!! Superman!!" (Superman's my idol hero that time hehehe...). I ran back and forth the house, and climbed up the stairs and tried to jump! All the while shouting "Superman!!".

Immediately my mom cried for help, and my neighbours came over to hold me. Yeah, I was much bigger than my mom, and she's a bit small size. You can imagine her fear when I ran amok. LOL!! Poor mom.

Then she called my dad at the factory nearby, he rushed home immediately. He came back and calmed me down. Put some minyak kapak on my forehead, and I kept saying my leg hurt, so he massaged my legs. It was at this point, I started to 'wake up'. It's like just waking up from sleep, but talking rubbish and moving, and struggling at the same time.

I have no memory on what happened during that period of an hour or so. All I know was I went to sleep and had a nightmare. A very scary nightmare, and hurt my leg. After that first time, my parent were worried everytime I got a fever. And if my fever was very high, my dad would took time off to be at home, because he knew my mom won't be able to handle me. Of course, it happened a few more times, with fever as high as 110 fahrenheit. But luckily, I turned out OK.

So, everytime Yiyi is having a fever, Mami and I will be extra worried and have sleepless nights. Since I have a history of very high fever, I need to be extra careful with Yiyi as well.