Friday, September 16, 2005

What can you do with RM5 Million?

With RM5 Million,
  • My family can have one chicken every week for at least 120 generations! (That's more than 9000 years). RM5/kilo, average 2 kg per bird.
  • I can give every single one in Namibia a pack of Gardenia bread.
  • Mami can have her Milo kosong at home everyday for the rest of her life. (Milo RM17.90, assuming 1.5kg tin per month. That's more than enough for 23,000 years!)
  • I can drive around Earth at the equator for 1368 times with my Waja (RM1.52 per litre, Earth circumference at the equator 40,076km). Assuming the Waja can still run after 3 rounds :)
  • I can belanja everyone in Singapore a glass of Teh Tarik (Singapore population 4.4 mil)
  • More than enough for YvonneFoong to have her surgery in the US, with all expenses fully covered.
  • Ah-Pek can go taruk "oh kau" with Muthu, Mamak, Aneh, Mangkali every night for more than 20,000 nights. That's about 57 years! (RM12 per bottle, 4 bottle per person)
Of course, if I have 5 mil, I no need to work already lor. Sit at home, shake leg. LOL!