Thursday, September 15, 2005

Water Recycling

When our neighbour drinks from NEWater, some of us laughed and joked about it. Air taik lar, pee water lar, macam macam.

Now, our Department of Irrigation and Drainage is proposing it! LOL!!

Via The Star:
“It is a crazy idea. The cost of treating sewage water is high. You can always harvest water from the rain and it is cheaper,” said Fomca adviser Prof Datuk Hamdan Adnan.

“It should not be considered unless there are no other options,” he said yesterday when asked to comment on the Department of Irrigation and Drainage's proposal on the possibility of recycling sewage water in future.
Personally I don't think we have to do that. Like the Fomca guy said we have other options.
But if we don't conserve water and starts destroying our rivers, then we'll have to consider this one day.
“The water from sewage treatment plants must go through another treatment using the membrane technology before it is channelled to the water treatment plant. IWK had brought this in about two years ago,” he said adding that the Penang Water Board was currently testing this technology.
Huh??! PWB is testing this? I hope it's for industrial use and not to your home. hehehe...