Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Two Bloggers Charged!!

Two (Singaporean?) bloggers have been charged in Singapore, with committing a seditious act, by promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between races in Singapore.

Read all about it here and here.

Some bloggers have been saying it's their own blogs, and they can write and publish whatever they want. "Freedom of speech and expression!", they yelled.

The truth is, although it's your blog, but if you wrote something, and published it to the public, you have to be responsible for what you wrote. People, young and old, regardless of race and continent, will be coming to read your posts, and if they feel offended by what has been written, the writer has to be responsible. As simple as that.

And yes, you can still write whatever you want, but just becareful of what you wanna publish. Please blog with care.

I am just wondering what ST has to say to XX.