Friday, August 26, 2005


Inspired by Wilwolf's post, my mom has a weird habit.

When going to pangsai, she needs to smoke.

No, she's not a smoker. But somehow, when nature calls, she'll look for a ciggie (my dad's), light it and head for the throne. "To get rid of the smell wor", she said.

You could imagine when there's an emergency.

Mom : Hey, where's your cigarette?

Dad : There. *point point*

Mom : Arrgghh.... *open box*

Dad : Why? What's wrong?

Mom : Errrgghhh.... Where's the lighter?!

Dad : Should be there also lar.

Mom : Where?! I can't find it. Arrrghhh....!!

Dad : Try looking in the drawer.

Mom : *open drawer* No lar! Where is it?

Dad : Try looking on the table.

Mom : Not there also...emmmm.....arrrggh....!

In the end, she had to use the stove to light the cigarette.