Friday, August 19, 2005

Random Conversations in the Office

Visitor : Hello? Can I see Alien?

Mami : Huh? mean Alan?

Visitor : Yes, Alien.

Mami : *suppressing laugh* Alan ah?

Visitor : Alien. Yes.


Colleague 1 : This place is really a maze, you can get lost in here.

Colleague 2 : Not only get lost, you'll get totally lost!

Papi : *scratch head - isn't it the same?*


Colleague 1 : The tunnel is too small ler. The car will get stuck!

Colleague 2 : Got stuck never mind, worst is got stuck at the tunnel.

Papi : *scratch head again*

(Yup, they're the same guys.)


Papi : arrr...still very the full lar, how to eat dinner?

Mami : Of course lar, you 'hantam' 4 pieces of fried boxing chicken just now!!

Papi : LOL!

Mami : I 'hantam' 2 only, you 'hantam' 4!

Papi : Yalar, I asked you, you don't want.

Mami : You like mah, so I leave it for you lor. Sayang you mah..

Papi : hehehe....