Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The worst is in Port Klang. 410!!

Via The Star:
API levels in several areas in Selangor and the Federal Territory at noon are as follows:
Kuala Lumpur - 181
Petaling Jaya - 204
Kuala Selangor - 327
Shah Alam - 316
Putrajaya - 224

PJ 204?? sure or not?

According to the DOE, ff the API is over 300, then it is categorised as hazardous.

But I don't need the API to tell me whether it's ok or not. I am coughing, almost choking, my eyes watery, having a sore throat, feeling dizzy, and if this is not hazardous, I don't know what is.

And they say there's no end till October. *shake head*

Update (Thursday 11 Aug 2005):

Wah!! The index went passed 300 mark in PJ in the evening. But today, it's slightly better.

The government finally released the API index, lifting the ban of 8 years with immediate effect.