Monday, August 08, 2005

The Haze


Papi : Mami, I can't find my underwear.

Mami : Here you go. Just got it from outside. Smell it and see whether got smoky smell or not? My t-shirts all got smoky smell.

Papi : OK.

Later ...

Mami : So how? Got smoky smell or not?

Papi : LOL!! I am not going to smell my underwear! HAHAHA!!

The haze was real bad last weekend. Yiyi had wanted to go out and play, but we didn't allowed her to go out. At night, visibility was real bad, only about 100 metres. And the heavy rain on Saturday didn't help a bit. *sigh*

Update - 8 Aug 2005 12.30pm:
Wah!! Real bad lar, I can smell it in our air-conditioned office! Real teruk lar.