Thursday, July 28, 2005

Grave Danger

It's probably the best CSI to date.

The CSI Season 5 2-hours Finale, Grave Danger (dont't click if you haven't watch the show) was directed by Quentin Tarantino of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction fame. In this episode, we saw one of the CSI team members, Nick Stokes, buried alive, while the other team members raced against time to save him.

I didn't managed to catch the fist 30 mins of the show, but if was gripping till the end, none the less. Even Mami, who's not a big fan of CSI, stayed glued to the TV. But one thing she said really cracked me up.

Mami : Eh? Why the lady's breasts so big already ah?

Papi : Got meh?

Mami : Yalar, last time not that big one. Now, fuiyo!

Papi : LOL!!

I guess as her popularity grows, her breasts have to grow too. hehehe...