Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ham Tai

Vincent has a funny entry about the first time he bought Ham Tai, when he was in Form 3. They do start early, don't they?
Read it here.

Have you ever walk to a VCD stall or shop, and the Ah-Beng asked you straight-away whether you want hamtai or not? I did, a few times sumore. I wasn't the only one there, there were some other people browsing the VCDs too. But somehow, the Ah-Beng was only interested in doing business with me.

Papi : *flip flip thru VCDs*

Ah-Beng : Boss, you want 3-kap?

Papi : No, No... *shake head*

Ah-Beng : We also got 5-kap..very nice.

Papi :*flip flip VCDs*

Ah-Beng : Very nice one, boss, got Japanese one, got Korean also...blah blah blah..

Papi : ...

WTF?? I wanted to buy normal movies lar, and this guy kept pestering me to buy ham tai! As if I got "HAM TAI" written across my forehead. And I experienced this a few times! When I told Mami about this, she was laughing so hard, I thought she was about to go crazy!

"Ha ha ha! I think maybe you look like a ter-kor-pek lar...a sex maniac like that..hehehe..That's why he thought you are looking for ham-tai lar."

Huh?! WT..?

I think next time I will not wear my worn-out Tees and Bermuda shorts to buy VCDs lar, I better dressed up a bit.

Ham Tai : Cantonese for P0rn0 movies
3-Kap : A sort of rating in HongKong for soft p0rn.
5-Kap: A sort of rating in HongKong for hardcore p0rn.
ter-kor-pek : Hokkien for 'dirty old man'.