Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Company

It has a very slow month for my company. No... let me re-phrased that.
It has been a very slow year for my company.

This company is also the first company I joined when I came back from my study. It was back in 1998, the year when the country was hit by economic problems real bad. I still remember Mami and I sent out numerous job applications to countless companies, with no reply. Then one day, Mami got a call for an interview.

Both of us actually applied to the same company, but different positions. So she went for the interview, and found out that it was actually for another post (the one I applied for), that she wasn't really interested. So at the end of the interview, she told the interview to give me a call instead.

And yes, they eventually called me, and arranged for an interview. The interview went well (being my first interview as well), and a few days later, I was offered the job!

So that's howI got into this company, a small company.

For the first couple of years, things were looking great. We had projects coming in. The existing projects were doing fine. But the economic crisis really hit us hard after that. Pays and salaries were slacking. Debts were building up. Projects were delayed.

But still, I held on. Until year 2002.

Due to financial pressure and stability, I resigned from this company and joined another company, which later I found out, completely wasted my time and effort. Because a year later, the new company closed down for business, citing infamiliarity of the business area as reason for closing down. *sigh*

But then I got a call again from the previous company. After knowing I was retrenched, the company offered me a contract job to help them with a current project (the same project I handled before I left). Since I wasn't doing anything, I took up the offer.

And a few months down the road, I was offered a permanent position. Initially I was still skeptical and doubtful about the performance of the company. I had a discussion with my superior and he assured me that the company has a new management and a new strategy. And that making sure the staffs got paid is their first priority. And that new investors are pumping money in. And lots more...promises. I decided to give them a chance.

After more than a year, I am still waiting for those to happen.

I can see the company has lost it's direction. It is no longer in focus. The company is now doing what it is not suppose to do, and it is doing something beyond the scope of it's core business. It is trying to grab as much as possible, but in the process, let go what's already in hand. And because of that, the company is losing a lot of existing customers.

Looks like it's time again to update my resume....

hmmm...I heard my pay is gonna be late again. *sigh*