Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Holiday Up North - Part 1

Last week, we went for a holiday up north. In Ipoh and Taiping to be precised.

We started early on Saturday morning, driving towards Ipoh. We made a quick stop at Tapah R&R for breakfast before continuing our journey towards Ipoh. Our first stop: The Taj-Mahal of Ipoh, the Ipoh Railway station. This station also housed a budget hotel and a massage parlour.

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It's beautiful Moorish-architecture reminds us of the KL Railway station. In fact, both were designed by the same person, AB Hubback.

Next, we went looking for Sam Poh Tong. We didn't know there were two other temples near Sam Poh Tong. Thinking that we were lost, we checked out the other temples as well.

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Luckily, a gentleman showed us the way to Sam Poh Tong. " door", he said, pointing to a row of brick wall, surrounding the temple. As soon as we drove next door and parked our car, 3 warga-tua approached us. Two of them were waving a sort of vegetable in front of us, while the other just stood next to my car door. We signaled back to the two in front of us that we were not interested, while the other one was still standing there smiling.

When I opened the door, he said "Parking ah..". "How much?", I asked. "1 ringgit."

Actually we were puzzled by the two who were trying to sell us some withered vege. But soon we realised it was not for us. The water spinach was for the turles.

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A visit to Ipoh will not be complete without a pomelo or two. We got ourselves a couple of the fruit. It was an eye opener for Mami as well, as the pomelo girls rushed out to greet us when we stopped our car. "Let's go for that girl over there, she looks honest.", she said.

Next stop, Taiping!