Friday, June 10, 2005


The PM and the Education Minister have promised to look into the matter concerning the rejection of the PSD scholarships by the top scorers.

As reported in The Star today, the PM said he will work hard to get scholarships for these students, while the Education Minister was reported to say he'll fight for them and their names are "embedded in his mind".

This is definitely good news for the top scorers, as well as other students planning to apply for a PSD scholarships. However, I hope the PM and the Education Minister will also remember this kid:

Via The NST today:
Two months ago, Amanjeet Singh Toor was on cloud nine when he scored 12 A1s in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination.

But the jovial and outgoing former Penang Free School student has become quiet and withdrawn since last Monday, when he learned that his Public Service Department scholarship application had been rejected.

"I really thought I could get the scholarship," he said. "I wonder what went wrong."


His father, Amar Singh, 53, said his son had changed since the rejection. "From a sociable and friendly person, he has become withdrawn and passive," he said.

According to his mom, he now spend most of his time in his room. Poor kid.