Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Have a Break

I think every married couples should do this once in a while. Go 'Pak Toh', just two of you, having fun.

We did that yesterday. :)

The key is not to have to worry about anything. Children, work, bills, housework, all put it aside. Leave your kids to your parents or babysitter. Just go and have fun, just like when you were 'pak toh-ing'. But you have to plan your day, a simple planning will do. You can even plan to do some serious stuff, like what we did.

We took a day off yesterday to get our existing identification card (IC) changed to MyKad. We started our day early so we could get it done in the morning and have some free time in the afternoon. We reached JPA office in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam around 8.15am. There were already 90 numbers/people ahead of us.

We went out for breakfast, and went back to the JPA around the estimated time that our number will be served. And before noon, we were done!

Next we went for a nice lunch at Chili's 1Utama and catched Mr. And Mrs Smith at TGV. We used to hangout alot in 1Utama and TGV. Back then, TGV was the only multi-cineplex in Malaysia.

After the show, we went shopping for some stuff, and headed back home just before the rush hour. Back home, Mami had a quick nap, while I helped out with the cleaning of the house. Have to give Mami a break lar. Trust me, the ladies will appreciate this. ;)

So all in all, it was a satisfying and fulfilling day. We managed to apply for MyKad, and had great fun in the afternoon. We enjoyed each other's company, and spent some quality time together. It doesn't need to be expensive or grand. The most important thing is both of you have fun. :)

Pak Toh : Cantonese meaning dating, or, to go on a date.