Monday, July 18, 2005

Locked Out

Last night.....

Papi : Mami, I am going to bed. You coming?

Mami : You go ahead, I wanna watch this Jewel in the Palace VCD.

Papi : OK, don't be too late. Good night.

Mami : Good night.


Papi : ZzzzzZzzzzzZzzzzzzz

Door : *faint knock knock*

Papi : Zzzz Huh?? Zzzzzzzz

Door : *knock knock...*

Papi : *rub rub eyes Zzzzz* Huh? ..... *Walk to door, unlock door*

Mami : Aiya, you locked me out ah?

Papi : Huh? Zzzzzz...

Mami : Aiya, you don't want me to watch Tai-Jeung-Gam, is it?? Purposely locked the door ah?

Papi : Alamak, sorry ah...I ter-lock the door...hehehe...

Mami : I was just about to go down and sleep in the living room already. *angry angry*

Papi : hehehe...sorry ah...hehehe...

I think, out of habit, I locked our bedroom door when I went to bed, but I don't remember doing it. Mami protested if she continue to watch the drama tonite, she'll make sure she bring her pillow and quilt down to the living room.

hehehe...Sorry ah, Mami.