Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Yiyi's TidBits

Yiyi : *naughty naughty*

Yeh Yeh (GrandPa) : Yiyi, don't be naughty ah.

Yiyi : *naughty NAUGHTY!!*

Yeh Yeh : Later I tell your Papi, Papi will buy cane (rotan) ah!

Yiyi : ....

Yeh Yeh : I tell you Papi to buy cane, beat beat.

Yiyi : Yiyi good girl. *hug Yeh Yeh*... Yiyi sayang Yeh Yeh....

Yeh Yeh : hehehe...

She knows how to 'bodek'.


Mar Mar (GrandMa) : Today Yiyi very naughty.

Papi : Is it?

Mar Mar : Yeah, today very difficult to wear diaper.

Yiyi : Yiyi good girl!

Papi : Yiyi, don't be naughty ah!

Yiyi : Yiyi good girl!

After that she follow GrandMa wherever she went, just to see whether GrandMa reports on her. hehehe... Whenever GrandMa speaks, she will listen whether her name was mentioned.


Mami : Come Yiyi, Mami hug hug.

Yiyi : *hug Mami*

Mami : Sayang...

Yiyi : *touch touch* Ball Ball !!

Mami : LOL!!

Yiyi : Ball Ball !!

No prize for guessing which part Yiyi touched... ;)