Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Man, this really sucks.

I've got tons to do, doing the work for two departments, and I still haven't been paid. *sigh* Really no mood to work ler.

But what irks me most is the management is not showing a bit of urgency on this matter. Maybe they don't feel the pinch, maybe they think 'no big deal'. But for lower income group, it's really tough.

Once, someone asked the management in my company (on the matter of owing salary to staff), one manager has this to say:

"Well, we all should have savings for difficult time like this. I can stand for 3 months, no problem!"

FYI, not everybody has savings and not everyone could put aside a certain amount of money for savings every month. Even if they do have savings, it is definitely not to 'finance' the company's operation. Some managers just don't feel the pain of the working level.