Friday, August 05, 2005

Chu Tou

This was supposedly reported in South China Morning Post. I can't confirmed it coz it requires a subscription to access its archive. But check this out...
Anita Lam (SCMP): "A pig's head drawn on the breakfast vouchers of 344 mainland tourists in Malaysia may have been to distinguish them from non-pork-eating Muslims and was not meant to cause offence, the Malaysian consul-general said yesterday. The tourists staged a protest on Tuesday at the First World hotel in the Genting Highlands resort. They wanted to express their anger about the 'demeaning' pig heads drawn on their meal vouchers. ... The protest escalated into a scuffle when police and security guards arrived with guns and dogs."
Check out this link.

If you look at the 'drawing' on the meal voucher, you wil noticed that it's not a stamp or a sticker, but it's hand drawn. And with 344 Chinese tourist, that means the worker(s) has to draw 344 'chu tou'.

Whatever the reason for the drawings, it's real stupid. And unprofessional. Why can't they simply use a code, like NH for non-halal.

But this writer has a different view. Check it out.
Call it chutzpah or boorish behaviour, but China tourists are gaining a reputation for being loud, pushy and downright aggressive when they are aggrieved.
'They like to show who's boss. Good luck if you get some village chief from Guangdong, because he'd expect you to kowtow to him like he was back home.'

Whadaya think?

Chu Tou: Mandarin meaning pig's head.