Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Panic on the Air

You must have read about the MH124 KL-bound flight from Perth that plunged 200 meters from air, just 40 minutes after take-off from Perth airport.

Via The Star:
The Kuala Lumpur bound MH124 on Monday, with 177 passengers on board, was said to have experienced engine problems.

According to the passengers on board the Boeing 777-200, most of them panicked and a flight attendant prayed.

One of the passengers who called The Star from Perth yesterday said many of them were crying and praying aloud while others held on tight to their seats when the plane started going down.
I also read about the story where a flight attendant dropped an entire tray of drinks and was crawling on his hands and knees back to his seat. Well, some people commented that instead of scrambling back to their (the crew) seats and prayed, they should have remained calm and tried to calm the passengers. They said the crew should have reacted professionally.

But I think it was a life and death emergency situation. It could have been their last flight. In that situation, no one can predict what will happened, and it is only normal for them to feel scared. They have every right to pray.

Time must have slowed down for the passengers when the plane turned back to Perth. Thank God the plane landed safely, everyone's ok. I think the pilots did a good job. It could have been much worst.