Thursday, August 18, 2005

Leaving Early

Pop quiz:

What would you do when the director of your company come to you and ask "Hey, what time do you normally leave the office?" ?

A) You bluff and say "9 -10 pm".
B) You talk cock and say "I can stay overnight in the office, no problem. I even have my pillows and bolster in my car, just in case, sir!."
C) You tell the truth "5.30pm sharp", and hope he doesn't say "Walao! So early ah?!"

I was actually surfing and amending my blog template, when out-of-nowhere, the director stood in front of my cubicle and asked me that. My mind quickly went into HyperThreading, Dual Core processing mode. What should I say? Too late, and it's obvious I'm lying. Too early, then it doesn't look good to me, especially when I always went for extra lunch hour. (Today, Mami and I had lunch from 1pm till 3.30pm hehehe....)

But anyway, I told him the truth, I told him I normally leave around 5 - 6pm. It turned out, he actually wanted me to help him drop off some documents in a place that is completely the opposite of where my house is. He thought I was staying near that place. LOL!

And before u guys say "Wah, so good wan ah?! Come office late, go 2 hours lunch, go back on time!! Fuiyo!!", actually I have a flexible working hours. If need to, I've to work 24 hours a day. And I always give 100% to my work.

So, why do you need to stay back, if there's nothing to do. Might as well go home early and see Yiyi, right?