Thursday, August 11, 2005

A State of Emergency

An Emergency has been declared for Port Klang and Kuala Selangor.

Bernama and The Star has the news flash.

The two areas have been recording a hazardous API reading, 531 for Kuala Selangor and 529 Port Klang, as of 11am today.

So, what does it mean for us, the rakyat??


The key word is Don't Panic. It is also not a curfew. And it's only for the entire area of Port Klang and Kuala Selangor. The Selangor State Government is still calling the shots and administer the two places, while the police and army will continue to ensure peace and security.

The PM has also released a guideline:
The guideline reads:

When the Haze Emergency has been declared, the State Management and Disaster Committee must take the following actions:
a) Issue an order for the closure of all government and private offices and other work places including factories, plantations, construction and quarries.
The closure order does not apply to:
i) shops that sell food stuff, drinks, markets and supermarkets;
ii) clinics, pharmacies and medicine shops; and
iii) essential services
b) Ensure that earthwork and earth movement are stopped
c) Advise the reduction of the use of private vehicles
d) Ensure the closure of all schools
e) Ensure the frequent dissemination of information of the pollution index to print and electronic media
f) Get the media to advise the public to remain at home and steps that needed to be taken by the people
g) Information Ministry must ensure that information are disseminate directly
h) Ensure strict enforcement against open burning
i) Ensure that this emergency declaration does not include declaration of curfew (except for certain situations as provided for under the appropriate laws.