Friday, August 12, 2005


Although the API for Petaling Jaya is still above the 300 mark (as of 11am this morning), I actually feel the haze situation has improved! I can now see the factories and the roads from my office building, the odour is still there but less choking.

Since the situation has improved, we decided to drive down to Damansara for lunch. On the way, we were chatting about the haze.

Mami : Hey, looks clearer now.

Papi : Yeah, got a bit of sun also.

Mami : Yeah.

Papi : Your boss asked me whether we are going anywhere this weekend. I said no, staying indoor lar. Your boss is going to Penang this weekend, to escape the haze wor.

Mami : Is it?

Papi : Yeah, I think there'll be a lot of people going up north, like Penang. But you know what'll be really funny?

Mami : What?

Papi : If the smoke train suddenly changes course and head to Penang. HAHAHA! Then all KL people who wanted to escape the haze by going up north will be cursing man!! LOL!!!

I really have no idea.... The haze has really gone to Penang!! Read it here, here, here and here.

For Penang folks, it's your turn. Quick, quick, get your mask ready!