Monday, September 05, 2005


Does your 2 year-old child (23 months to be exact) daydream?

Yiyi does.

Occasionally she'll just stare blankly at nothing in particular, as if her mind is drifting into some far, far away land. Any call to her or distracting her would be no use. Sometime, I just waved my hand in front of her to try to snap her out of it or I just put my palm in front of her eyes - to block her view. But she'll just stare and stare, and sometime she can even answer and talk to us. But we know her mind is not there with us.

And I'll have to raise my voice to get her attention.

We often joked that the daydreaming gene came from the other half (actually from Mami lar... hehehe..). I know I daydreamed, or rather I was in thinking mode. Blocking and shutting everything surrounding me, while thinking of a serious issue. But what could Yiyi be thinking?

Is this normal? We are just worried if it's something more serious.