Thursday, October 27, 2005

Near Miss

It has been sometime since I blogged. With work commitment, and not to mention the holidays just around the corner, it's difficult to find the time to sit down and blog. But a bit free today, coz the system is not working and our project are stuck. LOL! So I am taking some time off to relax ler.

Anyway, just want to share something that happened yesterday which could turn out pretty bad.

We were driving back to the office after lunch and the rain had reduced to a drizzle. We approached a residential area and, as I always do, I slowed down. We noticed there was a car on the opposite side of the road, in front of some houses, and there was a girl in front of the car. They were about 100 meters from us. The girl, about 5-6 years old, seemed wanted to cross the road.

I slowed down, even more. 50 meters. I checked the rear view mirror. No cars. No traffic in front as well.

She looked left and right, then ran acrossed the road, and stood there. Now, she was on my side of the road.

20 meters.

She was still standing there, looking at the car.

10 meters.

Still there, looking at the car across the road.

5 meters.

Suddenly, she crossed the road. She didn't look at our direction, nor the opposite direction, her eyes were fixed to the car. It was as if our car were not there.

This really caught us by surprised. Mami screamed! I jam-braked to a stop.

Fortunately, she managed to cross the road safely to the parked car on the opposite side. One adult immediately came out from the car, and apologised profusely to me. I think it's her father.

If she had crossed the road later, I would have hit her. If I travelled faster, I would have hit her. If my brakes were not working, with the slippery wet road, I would have hit her.

As we left them, I saw the girl getting onto the backseat of the car. I am pretty sure, her father was real glad that we could stop in time. Why she crossed the road in the first place? I am not sure.

So, it's never too much to be extra careful with your children, especially if they are on the road. And that goes for both the pedestrians and drivers. Often, we saw kids playing near the roads, cycling, playing football, badminton. And kids, when they got too excited, they tend to forget their surroundings. So as drivers, we should always slow down whenever we approached residential areas or if you see kids on the side of the road. Coz, you'll never know what they'll do next.

So, drive safely this festive season. Happy Deepa-Raya!!