Friday, March 10, 2006

Subang Storm

Yesterday, around 3pm, a freak storm hit Subang Jaya and it's surrounding areas. Trees were uprooted, lamp posts toppled, signboards fell, roof tiles flew and traffic was chaotic.

Via The Star:
The worst-hit areas were SS14, SS17 and SS18, where the residents described the blustery weather conditions that started at 3pm yesterday as “nothing like they had ever seen before.”
Besides houses and property ravaged by the storm, hundreds of cars were also damaged by flying debris and falling trees and branches. No one was injured.

The Meteorological Department, when contacted, was unable to explain the phenomenon.

LOL!! Now, why wasn't I surprised by the Meteorological Department statement.

My dad's neighbour's car had a near missed. Parked under a huge old tree, a big tree branch fell just inches from the car.

Check out this video of the Subang Storm.